Orcad layout of Jetson TK1

Good morning,

I would like to work with the Jetson TK1 board.
These are many documents to help us, it is great.
But I would like the Orcad layout file of the board, it is a .max file.
Is it available ?

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Hi alex71,
Have you checked the Embedded Download Center, https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads ?


yes, I have checked the embedded download center. But I don’t find the .max file (orcad layout)…

In the Download Embedded Center, I have downloaded the .DXF file (236 MB) and all Gerber files (BOTTOM.art, TOP.art…).

I have already tried to convert the .DXF file to a .MAX file. But, as the file is very big (236MB), the program that converts crashes.

So, is it possible to rebuild a .MAX file with these files ?


Hi Alex71

Would the allegro layout file(*.brd) work for you or can you transfer based on allegro layout file ?

Looks the allegro layout file download link was missing in embedded download center. we will check it.

Hi edli1983,

I don’t have Cadense allegro, so I can’t do anything with the .BRD file.
I have only Orcad Capture and Orcad Layout.
With Orcad Capture, it is OK, I can see the schematic of the Jetson TK1 board.
But for Orcad Layout, I need a .MAX file and I don’t find it …

Best Regards.

You can try to download allegro free viewer to open .brd file.