Ordered execution of an inner loop

Hi There, hope someone can help me with my beginner question.
Problem outline (simplified version):
I want to do something similar to a random walk that is where I do a calculation like this:

Array_outer=[100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000]; // (has some values which are the starting positions for the inner loop)
Array_inner=[ , , , , , , , , , ]; //(is empty at the start but has a fixed number of elements that need to get filled and passed back to the host)

for(i=0;t<10;i++){ // the order of execution of the outer loop doesn’t matter so I can                      kick off as many of these as possible 
for(t=1;t<10;t++){ // this has to be processed in index order from 1 to 10
array_inner[t] += array_inner[t-1]*RNORM(); 


I think GPGPU coding can help me because I want to do this with 10,000 starting values in the outer loop simultaneously for speed. I just cannot figure out how to ensure the inner loop gets processed by index order.
Any suggestions on how to tackle this are greatly appreciated.

Is the outer loop condition t<10 correct? Should it be i<10?

This loop is executed only one for i=0 becasue of the typo JFSebastian mentioned.