Orientation of camera is not saved with "Camera Animation" extension?

When camera position is recorded with “Camera Animation” extension, it records the position. I can control it just fine.

But if I rotate the camera in viewport, that new orientation takes over the control - it is not recorded with keyframer. What is the logic here?
I think the orientation of the camera should be also recorded when I press “Create/Update Key” button.

Hello @pekka.varis! Thanks for reaching out. I will point a developer to your post.

Hey @pekka.varis Did you import these cameras from another application? We have found an issue where cameras that are imported from certain applications create an “orient” channel instead of the typical Rot SRT channel. We will address as is appropriate for each connector but for now here is the workaround.

• Select the camera and go to properties panel.
• Right click where it says “orient” and delete the channel.
• At the very top of the property widget (with camera still selected)
• Click Add – Transform OP and select rotate. This will add a rotation channel to the selected prim.
• (note this method will reset the cameras orientation to 0,0,0.

If you want to preserve the orientation of the camera you have imported you just have to change the order of the above operations.

• Click Add – Transform OP and select rotate. This will add a rotation channel to the selected prim.
• After you have added the rotation channel – create a key in the keyframer.
• You can now delete the Orient channel – and maintain the orientation of the camera.


Yes these cameras were imported from the Evermotion interior UE project. I wanted to start builind my scriptboard by using these 10 camera positions made by the original designer.

The first method you told me works great! The Orientation is not deleted but is not messing up my camera movements, and I can now record the Rotation as it is meant to be with “camera animation” extension.

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