Orin 5.0.2 Can't find the source of module snd_soc_tegra210_i2s

I used the apply_binaries.sh to generate the rootfs and I found the module snd_soc_tegra210_i2s in the lsmod. I searched the source and can’t find it. Do you know where it is.

I execute lsmod in the Orin 5.0.2. The output is as following.
***:~$lsmod|grep i2s
snd_soc_tegra210_i2s 24576 0.

And the I execute grep snd_soc_tegra210_i2s -r . in the path kernel/nvidia
****kernel/nvidia$ grep snd_soc_tegra210_i2s -r .
There is no output.

Have a check …/kernel/kernel-5.10/sound/soc/tegra/*

I execute the command as following.
***/kernel/kernel-5.10/sound/soc/tegra$ grep snd_soc_tegra210_i2s -r .
There is no output also.

I got below result.

snchen@snchen-All-Series:~/l4t/35.1/kernel/kernel-5.10/sound/soc/tegra$ grep -ir snd_soc_tegra210_i2s .
./Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_SND_SOC_TEGRA210_I2S) += snd-soc-tegra210-i2s.o
./Kconfig:config SND_SOC_TEGRA210_I2S

It is snd-soc-tegra210-i2s.o, not snd_soc_tegra210_i2s.o

Sorry, I also found snd-soc-tegra210-i2s.ko in the Orin filesystem.

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