Orin AGXI - HDMI issue with minimal Focal build

We are testing out the Orin AGX industrial modules on a custom carrier board with jetson linux version 35.4.1. We have successfully gotten the module to boot on our board with all our desired features including HDMI output while using the standard desktop Ubuntu rootfs tarball found here: Jetson Linux downloads

We then attempted to boot the board using the minimal build as per the instructions here: Link

$ sudo ./nv_build_samplefs.sh --abi aarch64 --distro ubuntu --flavor minimal --version focal

This version boots fine as well, and after configuring the networking we can SSH into it or login using the UART connector. However, there is no default CLI login option via just HDMI + USB keyboard (i.e. the HDMI output seems to be disabled, however the keyboard is powered). Is this expected behavior for that OS build? If so can you suggest any package(s) that would provide that capability?

Hi matt.hilt,

It is expected result that there’e no GUI in minimal build.
Please run the following command to install after boot up.

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop-minimal


I am not looking for a GUI based desktop. I’m just trying to get the text-based interface you get from e.g. a ubuntu server install or the UART connector. The end goal is to run our product as a headless server, but still be able to debug it with just the HDMI connector/USB port.

Maybe you need this:

Just setting the run level to multiuser does not cause the HDMI login to work, unfortunately.

As a test I did the ubuntu-desktop-minimal install suggested by Kevin. This did cause the HDMI to show the desktop system; that is good as it means its not a hardware issue, but it also adds more bloat to our OS than desired so the answer is somewhere in between the two suggestions. Any other suggestions would be welcome - my current guess is something about X not being configured on the minimal build.