Orin Boot Failed (Bash-5.0)

Hi, NV teams
Our Orin platform works fine at first,but working for a period,Orin boots failed. The log are showed below,one is booting OK,the other is failed. And at the end of “Orin-Boot-failed” log , it shows Bash-5.0. So, what’s the reason of this phenomenon.
Orin Boot failed.txt (85.7 KB)
Orin Boot OK.txt (94.0 KB)

Are you using devkit or your custom carrier board?
Which JetPack SW you’re using?

Both on Devkit and custom carrier board are failed.
JP 5.1.0


The device boots into the recovery partition because of multiple failing boot attempts, so the log does not provide much useful information now.
Please set the device to boot into the normal kernel partition and provide the log again:

Thanks, we try it.
One more question Why the Boot selection have been changed?

Do you mean this?
By default, if the system fails to boot into the kernel partition for three times, then UEFI switches to the recovery partition next time you try.

got it. Thanks for your support.

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