Orin change nvpmodel to 0, cup4-cpu7 not work

Hi, nvteam:
I want to configure my nvpmodel to maximum power mode, using the following command.

sudo nvpmoel -m 0

After restarting, only 4 cpu cores were still running. I use the following command to see the current mode, as shown below.

You can see the following error. But the pattern shows 0.

May I ask why?
The jetpack version is jetpack5.0.2

The following is the startup dmesg information, please help to see why?
nvpmodel0_dmesg.log (71.9 KB)

some more information

looks like the system only detect 4 cores, right?

Hi mmcly,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?
Have you verified with the latest R35.4.1 release?

Hi, @KevinFFF ,
we are using the custom board.
we didn’t verified with the latest R35.4.1.
but we have use the Jetpack5.0.2 for months and have run on many machines.

can you get some thing on the picture I post above?

I will try to reflash to verify

It seems a known issue in JP5.0.2(R35.1), it should be fixed in R35.2.1.
I would still suggest using the latest JP5.1.2(R35.4.1) to verify.

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