Orin cloning vs. backup/restore

Hi, just wanted to verify my understanding of clone vs. backup/restore of Orin devices. Cloning only takes the APP partition, while backup/restore takes all partitions, correct?

Meaning that if I want to ‘massflash’ a bunch of Orin devices based on a ‘golden’ Orin, I can use backup/restore and I don’t have to flash any bootloader because it’s all included. This only works if devices are identical.

Otherwise, if devices would not be identical, or different in JetPack / R36 / other versions, in that case I would, instead, flash bootloader/initrd separately and use clone to transfer the APP partition.

Is my understanding correct?


Hi arnoud3,


You can refer to Workflow 3: To massflash the backup image in README_backup_restore.txt for this use case.