Orin dev kit fan at 3K rpm all the time


I have two Orin dev kits, one behave normally and one have the fan always on at 3K rpm.

It seems to be regardless of pwm, I’ve tried to disable and enable nvfancontrol same with no change.
Found some posts here referring to /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1 - but I don’t have it(and also jtop says fan is off).
I did find /sys/devices/platform/pwm-fan/hwmon/hwmon3/pwm1 and echoing values into it seems to change the pwm value in Jetson Power GUI - but the rpm stays the same:

Any ideas what else I can try?


It sounds like the 4-pin fan header is not plugged in correctly. Here is the documentation for that.

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