Orin Dev. Kit R1078, R1034, R1057 are CAP?

The values marked as R1078, R1034, and R1057 in Orin’s Schematic are 1.5nF.
The circuit is marked as resistance, but the value is marked as a capacitor 1.5nF). It is also listed as a 1.5nF Capacitor in the BOM.
The actual part is a capacitor, and it is 1.5nF correct?

R475 also a CAP?

Yes they are all capacitors.


The reason why we used resistor on the schematic is to support different VRs.

For example, different VRs may have different functions at PIN8. Some require a capacitor for soft start, some require resistor for working mode, some require resistor for boot strap. As long as the location is there, we can stuff R/C according to VR’s requirements.


Yes, it should be capacitor. Using a capacitor to filter out DC bias for the ripple injection is qualified.

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