ORIN DEVELOP KIT does not display after re-refreshing the system

We use the official ORIN package, the pre-installed system cannot enter the system, and the pre-installed system partition is found to have errors through the serial port, so we use the flash script to re-flash the system, but after re-flashing the system, the ORIN package still does not display, through Debugging the serial port found that the system has been up. We have connected to the DP display through the DP direct connection before burning the system. How do we need to solve this problem?

If you hotplug the DP cable, will you see any log coming from dmesg?

Sorry, I forgot to reply to you yesterday. After I flashed the system again, I want to initialize the system through device mode, but there will be garbled characters, and the baud rate is set to 115200. At the same time, by connecting to the debugging serial port, and then plugging and unplugging the DP display line, the kernel does not print any information.
As shown below

Excuse me, is there a good solution?

Did you complete the user account configuration with the headless setup on your flash port?

As shown in the figure, I initialized the system through the port, and the baud rate was set to 115200. On this set, there will be garbled characters, but on other ORIN kits, using the same settings, there will be no garbled characters.

Please always share your log as text file… not picture. Also, remove quiet from your extlinux.conf. Otherwise uart log will not give full kernel message.

The picture is just for display, there will be garbled characters when initializing the system through the port.

Does not matter if it can pass.

I will refresh the system now, connect it to another DP monitor, and try to see the log after initialization.

After I refreshed the system, I replaced the new DP display cable and found that it is in normal condition now.

Please also help me with another topic. as follows:


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