Orin developer kit availability in USA

Nvidia website here - lists the Orin developer kit and module as unavailable in the US.

Is this a short term delay or is this a longer term issue ?

arrow ordering url is broken

I called Arrow and they said there is no availability and you can not backorder it. Interesting that you can order it in other countries…

Give it a try now. Arrow has made updates.

Nevermind, they are hosed.

Response after submitting CC order and confirmation … a couple of hours later:

Unfortunately, we no longer have available inventory on part 945-13730-0000-000. We suggest you reach out to Converge, an Arrow company, who are our global independent distributor at converge.tradeoperation@converge.com or by submitting on the website at www.converge.com and they can look to source these parts for you.

Your order has been cancelled.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Nvidia. Please clarify what is going on with your vendor and stock. This is irritating. Either it’s available for purchase or it isn’t. Thanks.

edit: Arrow is now stating that Nvidia will not be able to fulfill orders due to not having received stock from Nvidia until sometime in April. Theoretically.

Thanks for the update on the Arrow front. I also feel Nvidia is not answering the availability question. IIRC the availability question was bought up in some of the Orin talks in Q&A but the question went unanswered.

Yes, I’ve noticed the softness on the available to purchase today statements but then sort-of glossing over follow-up questions.

Out-of-stock, in-stock, out-of-stock via Arrow.

Arrow is currently showing 1 item in stock … so I gave them a call to verify before attempting another CC authorization. The representative checked into the back-end and noted that the item doesn’t seem to actually exist. Really weird was their response. I agree.

Here’s the deal: COVID lockdown in China suddenly slowed supply right as we started. We’ll catch up.

In the meantime, what you are seeing is the result of Arrow really doing their best to find a way forward. I’m told their system won’t allow backorders, but they know the devkits are coming so they are basically forcing a workaround, somehow setting inventory to show 1 qty so that web orders are enabled. They are also getting their phone reps up to speed so the confusion should go away.

Finally, I should say there is really big demand for this devkit. But we’re making (and shipping) them as fast as we can.

You’re supposed to get the stock in before announcing the product. After the debacle with the 30 series cards I am beginning to wonder about the competency of your management.


I was able to order the US developer kit from Arrow this morning.

@john.hogan was there an estimated ship day? I made the order around the same time as you but I’m seeing estimated shipping Feb 2024

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When I ordered, it had a delivery date of 29 March 2022. When I looked at the status on 29 March 2022, it also showed a projected ship date of February 2024. Says to me, “We don’t know…”


I’ve been trying to order an Orin Dev kit from Arrow for a week. They are not good to deal with. Their cart says it will ship same day, but they have a huge red disclaimer elsewhere now that says:

" Shipping Soon – Please be advised there may be shipping delays due to short-term logistics issues. In an effort to service as many customers as possible, Arrow.com is currently accepting backorders, limited to 1pc per customer."

I finally penetrated their phone lines and one person said they might ship by the end of the month (April). Not counting on it.

I was going to order it a week ago but I looked at the cart and the sales tax was more than double what I expected. They tell me I have to place an order and overpay and then they will fix it. Umm, no. Tonight I talked to someone in China who could barely speak English and she told me I needed to wire the payment instead of using a credit card so they may be lumping credit card fees into “sales tax” and not disclosing it as a surcharge. Not sure, their support is horrific. They say they are like Amazon, just reselling Nvidia products. No, Amazon is good at what they do, Arrow isn’t. Not sure I trust them enough to do business with them at all at this point.

Also in the space of a week wrangling over this the price went up from the $1,999 to $2,350. They blame Nvidia for raising the prices. Why would Nvidia announce a price at launch and raise it two week later? I know inflation…supply chain… blah… blah.

Please Nvidia I love your products, I’ve used a Jetson for a dev system for years, please make some developer boards, build up an inventory and sell them at a fair price so all us developers who love you and want to make great products on your great hardware… can.

You know its nearly impossible to buy a Xavier that isn’t marked up to a ridiculous level by scalpers?


Wow, raising the pricing on non-existent product. Blaming Covaids on their available today statements. Telling their single-source vendor to add vague statements of in-stock/ships today but then adding a separate disclaimer of shipping soon instead of stating an availability date. Shipping a couple of prototype units to a couple of youtube influencers … look … one-in-stock … order now. Marking the thread titled Orin developer kit availability in USA as being solved.

My CC racked up no less than three 2K+ authorizations within one week for a single order. Had to call Arrow multiple times to figure out what was going on.

Making plans, getting played, and wasting time. Lovely. Go marketing team.

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Boring. Just a market mechanism. Didn’t you know that?
If you want one, just pay and buy at a high price, that’s all.
A company costs more money if they stall the project “for a month”.

Anyone receive one in the US from Arrow yet?

YouTube Orin reviewers/promoters/ marketing creators are deleting comments about this situation (they deleted mine). I’m waiting since March 23

Meanwhile, Seeed was also selling these units albeit it’s now “out of order”. People who ordered from Seeed all got their units, so I was doubting Seeed was involved in the manufacturing process and they somehow managed to sell those items without Nvidia’s permission

There are plenty of people who already got their Orin devkit orders from Seeed, one of them even got 6 units:

(could be an evidence that scalpers already got their hands on those units)
This is intolerable from the customer side. Why on earth would we have to wait while those who ordered later got their units earlier, only to sell it later at a higher price? Expected shipping date in 2024 is a joke, as people will certainly switch to better architecture/alternatives.


need to sell old kits at super premium prices first.
Many people say $2k for Orin dev Kit is too much, but the old Xavier AGX is on eBay for twice the price (~$4k). (multiple vendors, some even higher)

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