Orin Devkit crashes when using minimized file system

When I use the minimized file system, the system will crash if I don’t use it for a long time. It can only be solved by restarting. The following is the log printed by the serial port when I don’t use it for a long time.


I follow the steps described in the document.

Do you observe the issue with Ubuntu rootfs? Probably certain files are missing in your rootfs.

I made rootfs according to the method in the document. What file is missing?

It seems like it cannot be back from suspend mode. Please execute the commands and try again:

$ xset -dpms
$ xset s off

In this case, the power can only be restarted and the command cannot be input

Hello, this phenomenon still occurs after the command is executed before the machine crashes. Do you have this problem again?

How to solve this problem? thank you

Please share the dmesg from booting to hang for reference.

I use “sudo dmesg > dmesg.log”
dmesg.log (72.7 KB)