Orin Devkit replaces lightweight desktop

What method do you recommend? Such as the lxde desktop

The Orin can easily handle the default Gnome 3 desktop.

What I mean is that instead of using the gnome desktop, which takes up more disk space, I want to use a more lightweight desktop such as the lxde desktop

I use LXDE on an older laptop which doesn’t have the CPU power to run more. I have no experience with it on a Jetson, but I can tell you it works well in a limited resource environment for Ubuntu 18.04. Have not tried it with Ubuntu 20.04.

Okay, does orin have any plans for this?

I can’t speak for NVIDIA, but so far as I know, no. NVIDIA just uses the Ubuntu software. I think it would be up to the end user to add this desktop, but I suggest backing up with a clone before you attempt it.

OK.thank you

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