Orin Fan stops working 10 seconds after power on

Orin Fan stops working 10 seconds after power on, and I cannot login into the system anymore.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi user1159,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for AGX Orin?

Could you help to provide the serial console log for further check?


Hi Kevin,
Its a devkit for AGX Orin
The logs are uploaded.

Orin_log_first_time_boot.txt (20.9 KB)

Here is the log after I press the button
Orin_log_after_press_reboot_buttomu.txt (64.9 KB)

      L4TLauncher: Attempting Direct Boot
EFI stub: Booting Linux Kernel...
EFI stub: Using DTB from configuration table
EFI stub: Loaded initrd from LINUX_EFI_INITRD_MEDIA_GUID device path
EFI stub: Exiting boot services and installing virtual address map...

Both of your log stop at UEFI.

Could you help to refer to the following instruction to flash the devkit with SDKM?
Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

The problem is resolved . Thank you Kevin

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