Orin has a lot of duplicate processes

On orin devlit JP5.0.2, using “gnome system pointer”, we found a large number of duplicate processes. How can we reduce them? Will killing the redundant processes affect the system?

I can’t answer, but what makes you think the same program should not run more than once or more than one thread? Suppose one person runs more than one Python program or more than one thread from one Python program…the interpreter would would show up more than once. It is also a common case for some common programs to open up one or more duplicate threads in preparation for its use as a means of boosting performance (no wait for thread creation). If this is the case (and I’m not a Python guy so I can’t help much there), then the proper way to deal with it is when starting the program or daemon to specify fewer threads. I have a feeling that Gnome does this on purpose due to the number of things it might have to do the moment anything starts or stops.

These are related to power modes nvpmodel. We will check and provide more information about the processes.

These processes are thermal solutions. The nvpmodel indicator reads some sysfs nodes to remind the user that the hot-surface or throttling event happens.
And for the thermal hot-surface and throttling alert, the read to the sysfs node is designed to be blocked until the event happens. Each process read individual sysfs node.

ok,thank you

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