Orin is not oppenning after "sudo apt dist-upgrade"

I made the first start according to the link via headless mode. At the beginning everything was fine. I see usb cabled connection. I can open the terminal via putty etc. But we could not connect to the internet via terminal .So we switched to DP connection. Orin started without any problem. Then i started continue the instructions which was in the link above. At the STEP2, there was a error called Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock . Then i restarted the orin. Then command worked which is “sudo apt dist-upgrade”. But the thing is Orin did worked well after that upgrade. At the log in screen of the Ubuntu everything was fine. But right after log in the screen seems very fragmented and it was very difficult to even see where the mouse is. Later that no matter what i tryied it did get better but worse. I try to start recovery mode but now i could connect over putty terminal or via DP connection. What should i do at the moment? Should i reflash the Orin? I am new at both linux and Nvidia world sorry for in advance for basic stupid mistakes i did.


I would say you may just reflash the board at at this moment.

Also, directly try latest release version.

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