Orin Module Soldermask Outgassing Compliance

Hey all,

We’re looking at using an Orin module in a somewhat harsh environment, and a question came up regarding the soldermask used. I’ve already done a background check on the thermal interface material (Bergquist Gap Filler TGF 3600), which is outgas-compliant per ASTM E595 , but there aren’t any public specifications available for the soldermask that describe whether it will outgas in vacuum. There is an old thread here where a similar question was asked, but the response doesn’t provide any more clarification about the materials used on the Orin module and whether they’re outgas compliant.

Put specifically: is the soldermask used on the Jetson AGX Orin module outgas compliant per ASTM E595? If that testing hasn’t been performed by NVIDIA, can someone specify what soldermask is used (manufacturer and product line) so we can investigate that on our own?

Thanks very much!

The solder mask type used is Taiyo PSR-4000MEH/CA-40 G23K. It has not been tested to the ASTM E595 standard.

Taiyo does not appear to have a product labeled “PSR-4000MEH”. Did you perhaps mean PSR-4000MH or PSR-4000MP?

Both types of PSR-4000MH and PSR-4000MP you listed are Matt_Green. NV Corporate requirement is Matt_Black solder mask.

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