Orin Nano boot up in cold temperatures


the rated minimum temperature for the Orin Nano module is -25C.

If we attempt to start the module below the minimum operating temperature, it is not supposed to boot up.
So if the temperature of the module is raised such that it goes above -25C,
Will the module automatically start or do we have to start it again manually?

Is there an internal mechanism that continuously checks the temperature and automatically starts the module if the temperature is found to have increased to the operating temperature range?

You need to start it again.

I will suggest that some parts of the Jetson will have higher thermal mass than others, and warm up at different rates. You might need to delay starting after reaching a given measured temperature in order for all components to reach operating temperature. The time for which this takes would also depend on the difference between outside temperature and component temperatures; heating to -25 C when previously -30 C will take longer to reach -25 C then if outside temperature is actually -20 C while looking for -25 C (in theory, since it is about difference of temperature, if the outside is exactly -25 C and the components are below that temperature, then it would take infinite time to reach -25 C; the temperature of components approaches the outside temperature over time, so looking for -25 C as the start temperature for a previously “too cold” system would not work unless you get lucky).

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Thank you, @linuxdev .
Yes we will take careful considerations into account about the challenges with the temperature in different parts of the module.
My question was more specific if the module would attempt to restart by itself until it identifies that the temperature is alright or if we have to manually start it again when the desired temperature has been attained.

I think that would not be automatic. You would be better off with a mechanism that only applies power on a rising temperature above -25 C plus some delay time (the delay could be shortened the higher the temperature is above -25 C; I’d consider -24 C an infinite wait).

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