Orin Nano can only send 2 CAN messages and then stops


I am trying to send can messages from my Orin Nano (using the j17 pins and the waveshare can board). I have it connected another device which is constantly sending CAN messages.

I can always read the can messages coming in with candump, but when I try to send CAN messages, it sends the first 2. I can see the first 2 messages as TX on the candump and read the messages on the other device.

However, after the first 2 messages, it stops sending them (as if the CAN port is disconnected), but I can see that it is up using ip link show and I can still see the incoming messages in candump.

Thanks in advance.

I solved it. I had to restart my machine as well as the secondary device.
I guess its an obvious solution, but its still weird that it allowed 2 can messages to pass and no more

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