ORIN NANO cannot light the SENSOR using the linux35.4.1 driver package

Previously in Orin nano, the IMX715 camera module was adapted with Linux version 35.3.1. Now the driver package update to linux35.4.1, but there is a device can not register the problem, how to solve this problem? The following is the debugging information for driver loading.

hello fyx15515327378,

it’s reporting error within Gain range, could you please dig into sensor driver.
or, you may try workarounds to hack the gain range as one constant value for testing.

ok,thank you!

hello JerryChang,
While digging deeper into the tegracam_v4l2subdev_register function, I discovered an update in the latest version of linux that causes the minimum gain in the device tree to not be set to 0. What is the purpose of this change?

there’s explanation above.

For gain and exposure we are allowing for the control to have a value one less than the minimum supported by sensor range…

Some of the above changes have taken place in Linux35.4.1. When the gain in the device tree uses DB, the minimum gain cannot be set to 0, but the gain control range of the actual sensor should start from 0db. If you still need to use db to represent gain in the device tree, how can you solve the problem that the GAIN control range starts from 0db?

hello fyx15515327378,

this is known issue as you can see in the Release Notes (r35.4.1).
re-cap as below.

Issue 4189361
IMX185 fails to detect in JetPack 5.1.2 because of a Control Gain range update failure.
To avoid a probe failure, the min_gain_val param sensors in DT should be set to greater than 1 in linear scale.

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