Orin Nano ISP Processing Capability Evaluate

As show in the screenshot, the official announce ISP Processing image is 10 million pixels,I want to ensue whether if the CMOS sensor output is 12M pixel,the ISP cloud process the RAW(Bayer) data ?If not supported, is there any configuration that can improve the processing capacity of the ISP。


hello fuqiang1,

actually, Orin Nano’s ISP is capable to mostly camera sensors. the limitation usually on the CSI/VI side.
may I know what’s camera sensor you’re using?


The sensor we using is IMX226CQJ-C,The IMX226CQJ-C is a diagonal 9.33 mm (Type 1/1.7) CMOS image sensor with a color square pixel array and approximately 12.4M effective pixels.

Jerry,Can you ensure the CAM sensor be supported status?