Orin Nano Overlay design issue


we followed the usual way to create images with L4T:

  • Copy own rootfs to L4T/rootfs
  • run apply_binaries.sh
  • make customizations

Now we wanted to add the overlay for the Jetson Nano, https://developer.nvidia.com/orin-nano-overlay-351tbz2, but it includes folders inside the rootfs folder. This is not the expected behavior. All the files that need to be added should be inside the apply_binaries.sh

Why do you break with your own design? Please reconsider such breaking changes in the future.

This is the package to emulate Orin Nano on AGX Orin developer kit, so additional steps are required. Once Orin Nano module is available, it shall be same as your steps for developing your use-case on real Orin Nano.

Hey @DaneLLL ,

I know what it does. I do not understand why you did not replace the apply_binaries.sh instead of adding contents to the rootfs folder. That would not have broken anything.

I solved it myself with another in the long list of workarounds ;)

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