Orin nx 16G jetpack 5.1 The rtc power failure time does not expire

When I plug in the network cable and RTC standby power supply, the system shows the time is normal, and can also update the time automatically. When I remove the network cable, the time can still run normally, but when I restart after a period of power failure, the time starts to run from the moment I shut down. When the power failure, the time is static, but the RTC standby power supply is always connected. Does JP5.1 need to be set with some commands?

Could you try Jetpack 5.1.1? It is the latest release and it would be great if you can upgrade and try.

The kernel ADAPTS a lot of custom things, it is not convenient to update, now I found the method of manual update by running hwclock -s can write the RTC chip time to the system time hope to get the method adapted to the kernel to realize the automatic update of RTC time.

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