Orin NX 16GB fail to boot

I am working on Jetson Orin NX based custom board.

I run boot tests with OrinNX. In most cases, it boots up successfully.
In rare cases, OrinNX fail with the following error.

I> Task: Bootchain failure check (0x50002434)
I> Current Boot-Chain Slot: 0
I> BR-BCT Boot-Chain is 0, and status is 1. Set UPDATE_BRBCT bit to 0
I> MB2 finished

篶OTICE:  BL31: v2.6(release):07eea4970
NOTICE:  BL31: Built : 07:55:15, Mar 19 2023
ERROR:   Exception reason=2 syndrome=0x80000011
ERROR:   **************************************
ERROR:   RAS Uncorrectable Error in SCC, base=0xe015000:
ERROR:          Status = 0xe400090d
ERROR:   SERR = Illegal address (software fault): 0xd
ERROR:          IERR = Address Range Error: 0x9
ERROR:          MISC0 = 0x2000000
ERROR:          MISC1 = 0x12991
ERROR:          MISC2 = 0x0
ERROR:          MISC3 = 0x0
ERROR:          ADDR = 0xacef52e1d4
ERROR:   **************************************
ERROR:   sdei_dispatch_event returned -1

here is full log.
full_log.txt (29.6 KB)

L4T: R35.3.1
Module: Orin NX 16GB

What is the cause of this error?

Is this always happened or only happened in maybe 1/100 reboot?
If yes, then it’s a known issue, and will be fixed at the next release.

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Thanks for the reply.

It happened in maybe 1/100 reboot.
I’ll wait for the next release.

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