Orin NX - difference between STEP file and drawing

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There seems to be a difference between the STEP file and the drawing for certain components. Please see the attached document. Can you help clarify the differences?


  1. The 3D model is an envelope version, which should cover the current module and possible updates where some of the components may move or be of somewhat different size due to availability , etc. The model is not of the actual module, but allows for some changes over time. Customer should use the model to ensure other components on their carrier board, thermal solution or enclosure don’t interfere with the current or future versions of the module. We provide accurate height of the SoC and location of the die in order to allow for a thin TIM material for their thermal solution. For other devices on the module, if customer require a thermal solution, a flexible TIM should be used as is described in the Thermal DG.

  2. There will be updates in next released TDG. For now, you can use below values of Tegra chip.
    Rjc [C/W] 0.145
    Rjb [C/W] 1.544

  3. Please refer to module DS for dimensions. https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-orin-nx-series-data-sheet

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