Orin NX Ethernet Tx Throughput not as quick as it should be?

I am finding that Ethernet throughput on Orin NX native Ethernet seems to be a bit disbalanced, Rx is working well and getting the expected speeds for GigE but Tx is not reaching the same level and it can’t seem to push out more than ~815Mbit/s:

$ iperf3 -c -u -b 950M -R
Connecting to host, port 5201
Reverse mode, remote host is sending
[ ID] Interval           Transfer     Bitrate         Jitter    Lost/Total Datagrams
[  5]   0.00-1.00   sec  97.2 MBytes   816 Mbits/sec  0.003 ms  2664/73087 (3.6%)  
[  5]   1.00-2.00   sec  97.2 MBytes   815 Mbits/sec  0.004 ms  0/70385 (0%)  
[  5]   2.00-3.00   sec  97.1 MBytes   814 Mbits/sec  0.004 ms  0/70294 (0%)  
[  5]   3.00-4.00   sec  97.1 MBytes   815 Mbits/sec  0.004 ms  0/70331 (0%)  

This may be related to my posts on the Xavier NX regarding similar observed issues with the egress path being slow e.g. R35.2.1 PCIe i210 throughput slow

Thanks for reporting. Let us check if we can reproduce.

Hi Ursula,

Please run below command before test:

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks

Many thanks for the feedback. It seems that just running sudo jetson_clocks without even running nvpmodel seems to be sufficient to fix this.

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