Is there more documentation about the JTAG on ORIN NX. We were able to find the pins below the label with QR Code. Is the pinout available somewhere?

JTAG is not supported on Orin NX. How/wher did you find the pins on board?

Sad to hear that there is no JTAG. Any plans to enable that?

Not sure if these are related to the JTAG but similar pins are available on Xavier NX and exposes JTAG.

They are jtag pins on module but not routed out to carrier. And as you can see in DG and data sheet, jtag is not supported in general.

Would it be possible to receive the pinout, we are willing to apply some soldering skills to access the JTAG if it’s otherwise usable :)

Did you meet any relative issue? We dont share that in general.

We are working on some hypervisor related stuff and would need the debugging capability on Orin NX 16GB. Could you provide the pinout for me personally?

Please use debug UART port for that.

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