Orin NX mass deployment flashing


How do we flash the Orin NX when installing the module with a cloned SSD.

We discovered that the Orin NX module itself needs to be present when flashing in order to enable it, and a new Orin NX module out of the box will not run on existing flashed SSD until it has been included in flash cycle.

Does anyone know what is written to the Orin NX module, and how to write this directly to the module so that we dont need to run the flash procedure on every unit in production.

so you want to have a SSD flashed with systems and running on, say, board A,
and get it to work on board B, C, D, etc. also?

Hi Dave,

We use board A, install Orin NX and SSD, then flash the SSD, then we complete our customization steps so that the SSD now contains all files, applications and dependencies.

Then we clone the SSD, and pre-install into all units on production line.

But when we install next Orin NX out of packaging, onto PCBA with cloned SSD, the new Orin does not boot up.

If we reinstall the Orin used to flash the SSD, then it boots and runs as expected.

We would like to know what steps are required to pre-enable all Orins so that they bootup when installed onto PCBA with cloned SSD.

Actually, SSD is just used for rootfs, and the other partitions like kernel image/dtb/bpmp/bootloader… etc are stored in QSPI of the Orin NX module.

You could use the following command to flash QSPI in the Orin NX module only.

$sudo ./flash.sh -c bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_t234_qspi.xml jetson-orin-nano-devkit mmcblk0p1
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Thanks Kevin, that works.

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