Orin NX not booting at high temperature

Dear NVidia Team

We tested the Orin NX with our custom carrier board in the temperature chamber at 65°C and saw, that some of our systems do not boot anymore at this temperature. Checking the Debug Log, we see no messages at all when the system is not starting up.
We use the Power-on Circuit from the Nano DevKit (Schematic P3449). We measured the Signals VDD_IN (red) and POWER_EN (yellow).

As requested in the Design Guide, the signals have more than 400ms between them. When the temperature is lowered, the Orin NX starts up at some point without the removal of the power supply.
Any idea what could go wrong?
Let us know if you need more information.
Thank you.

Best regards

We did additional measurements and it seems that the Signal SYS_RESET_N is not pulled up to 1.8V on the orin module in the case that the system does not boot. Here is the case where the system boots (SYS_RESET_N is yellow, POWER_EN is red):

And the case where the system does not boot (the time axis is different):

We appreciate any help you can give us.
Thank you.

Hi, did you try to repro this with devkit? It is hard to believe that Orin NX can’t even boot up at 65°C.

Hi Trumany

Thank you for your answer. We were finally able to identify the issue. During Power On, the SYS_RESET_N was pulled down over a MOSFET transistor used as level shifter and an input to an IC, which was not yet powered on the carrier board. Taking off the MOSFETs solved it.

Best regards

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