Orin NX OS installation failure

When I was using SDK Manger to install OS on orin NX, I found that the size of the virtual swap hard disk was 59GB, while our actual hard disk size was only 55GB. During the installation process, errors kept occurring. In what file can the size of the virtual swap hard disk be modified?

Are you speaking of host PC? If you are talking about a VM, I don’t know, but you don’t need to change a specific swap file to add swap. Instead, if you add another swap file, it can use both. You might just add a new swap file of size 59GB (double total of what you had without it). In terms of VM setup, if your total space is too small, then you need to consult the VM docs for total size (every VM is different). Note that whatever your main disk space is it needs to be type ext4 (if it is NTFS or VFAT, then flash will work, but the Jetson won’t work).

The NVME storage capacity on the customer’s board is only 55GB,Does it meet the SDK Manager installation requirements of operating systems?

You said in another post that it’s 64GB, then in this post you said it’s 55GB.
What excatly it is?

The nominal capacity of SSD is 64G, but on Linux systems, it is displayed as 55.9G in ext4 format

The attachment is the log file when the SDK manager installation fails. Please take a look and see how we can modify it?
sdkm-2024-03-11-11-39-11.log (1.4 MB)

64 GB, when formatted, has less than 64 GB available. No, that isn’t large enough. 128 GB would be cutting it close because during flash a raw partition and a sparse partition are created. The raw partition is the exact size of the partition on the Jetson, which is probably close to 64 GB. The sparse partition contains the size of content within that, and typically that is around 3.5 GB. If the filesystem fills, then the sparse partition size approaches the raw partition size (meaning that if the partition itself is 55 GB, then it is possible that just that partition content by itself approaches 110 GB, excluding all other content).

What should I do on the user board to properly install the system?

I’m not sure what you mean by “user board”. If this is an eMMC model of Jetson, then just a basic flash. If you have an SD card model, and you have a pre-built SD card, then you must flash the QSPI of the Jetson with a release that is compatible with the SD card. In turn, this is just the flashing you’ve been mentioning, although with a bigger host side storage.

We are using the Jetson-Orin-NX (16G) module, and the system disk is an NVME interface SSD,and the nominal capacity is 64GB。

You’d use the command line flash for external devices. The documentation for the specific L4T release gives that information:

External devices imply an initrd is used, which is why it changes some of the procedures.

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