Orin NX RTC supply with external charging circuit

Hiho all,

I am currently designing a new generation of our custom mainboard for our autonomous mobile robot that will use the Orin NX SOM. During the investigation I found that the RTC of the Orin family does not support rechargable power source like supercaps according to the datasheet. But the reason seems to be only that the PMIC does not support any charging function of the power source.

This now leads to my question: is it possible to use a rechargable power source if we add an external charging circuit for it? In that case it should not really interfere with the SOMs RTC system and look exactly like a coin cell for it. Only one that is not empty after only half a year of being turned off with the massive current consumption that the Orin family has for its RTC circuit ;).


Sure, that’s OK with external charging design.