Orin nx run Riva use es8316

Now I want to Orin nx run Riva. I refer to is the link (Build an AI Chatbot Using Riva and OpenAI - Hackster.io). Normally, I use aplay -D hw:1,0 test.wav has sound, and arecode can also be used. However, when I use Riva, there is the following phenomenon,The interface stays in this position, and the talk.py is no sound, I do not know the reason and I need help, Thanks.

Hi @sjz_shaohua, does the transcribe_mic.py sample also not work for you? Can you check that the sample rates you are setting are correct. Do you happen to have a USB audio device that you could try for debugging purposes? Devices should be attached before the container is started.

Hi dusty_nv,
After the sample rate are setting 96000Hz,talk.py is ok. Thangs for your help.