Orin NX Security

Dear all, I wanted to ask you if the Jetson Orin NX supports the following features:

  1. SecureBoot
  2. OP-TEE
  3. Disk Encryption
  4. Secure Storage

Currently, in the last documentation here (OP-TEE: Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation) for all the Security subsections is specified: Applies to the Jetson AGX Orin series, the Jetson Xavier NX series, and the Jetson AGX Xavier series.

Please confirm me if the Jetson Orin NX enables these features also.
Thanks for your help

hello evilinux,

all these Jetson security features may have not well tested, I was also checking with internal teams for security feature on Orin NX.

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