Orin NX SoM and Orin Nano developer kit eeproms


  1. I wish to verify there are no eeproms on both Orinx NX SoM and Orin Nano devkit.
    I looked for this information in both data sheets and didn’t find an answer.

  2. I remember that in Xavier NX there is an eeprom and since I use the same jetpack for both systems I think that in case there are no eeproms I need to “disable” the component that reads eeprom upon startup.
    What I need to disable in this case? an in tree kernel driver, an out of tree kernel driver or maybe some bootloader functionality in case there is no eeprom in my system?


Hi BSP_User,

If you are using the devkit, there should be the eeprom on the board.
You could refer to the following instruction for details.
Jetson EEPROM Layout — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com)

What’s your Jetpack release?


  1. I use JP 5.1.1.

  2. Same question regarding emmc?
    in xavier nx I have an internal emmc
    in orin nx I don’t.
    I wish to disable the components that interact with the emmc upon startup (read/write)
    Should I disable a driver? or modify a bootloader functionality?

  3. I realise now that on the devkit there is an eeprom (the link you sent) but on my custom board there isn’t. Which functionalities are going to affected by this? can i put the “missing” eeprom info someplace else in order for everything to function properly?
    Just to be clear:
    I saw the instruction for setting the eeprom read size to 0. My question is which functions are going to be affected by it , if there are any

Thanks again

Are you talking about eMMC or EEPROM?
Yes, there’s no internal eMMC for Orin NX so that you need external NVMe drive connected to be flashed and boot up.

Yes, if your custom board doesn’t have EEPROM, you should refer to the following instruction to configure the size.
Jetson Orin NX and Nano Series — EEPROM Modifications
As my understanding, EEPROM is used to store the board information and will just affect the flash process, the flash script will read the board information from EEPROM and use the correct board config to flash the board.

Thank you for your reply.

What I meant is that if I use the same JP for both Xavier NX (has eMMC) and Orin NX (doesn’t have an eMMC) than maybe when working on the Orin NX I can modify some driver or UEFI in order for the system to not try and communicate with the emmc upon startup.

There is QSPI in Orin NX and having the similar function as eMMC in Xavier NX.
Sorry that I’m not clear about “I can modify some driver or UEFI in order for the system to not try and communicate with the emmc upon startup.”.

Thank you for your reply.

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