Orin NX : temperature test issue


We are testing low temperature test with Orin NX and our Custom Board.
We stored the system in -40℃ for 24 hours.
And then it is stored on room temperature for 3 hours.
After that, we test to operate the system.

Booting is failed.
issued_log.txt (80.5 KB)
And we did the cross check for the module and the board.
The board boot well with other new module.

The moudule can’t succeed for boot until reflash.
Now, It can boot after reflash.

There is only operating temperature range.
So, I can’t be ensure it can be or not
Is there any experience with it?

The log is already a recovery image log. It got dumped too late.

Reflash your module and test again. Open the uart console all the time and record every log all the time.

Currently this thread has nothing to discuss yet.

We tested 2 modules.
Just, one module can boot after flash.

Another modules still has a problem.
The result is same on the display at the first until now.
The log is printed from this module.


The info you provided does not help… please really try to understand comment #1 first.

If you don’t know, then please tell. Do share helpful information after you read and understand the comment…

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