Orin NX

I have orin nx 16 gb, my system cant run more than one day (freeze and reboot).
I’m waiting for the jetpack 6 with ubuntu 22.04, hoping fixe of issues.
But actually what can be the reason of the issue(reboot)?

What application is running on your device?
Which carrier board you used?
Please share your full dmesg.


I run nodejs web server apllication, jupyterHub, … on the device.

my carrier board is the :

Numéro de Modèle JETSON-ORIN-IO-BASE
Type de Tableau de Démonstration FPGA
Nom de marque Melochi
Origine CN (Origine)

The dmesg is attached.
dmesg.txt (70.8 KB)

I feel like it’s some sort of overheating.
Web server can require great amount of computing power, especially when the traffic load is high.
The small fan on the Orin NX module may not endure it.
See if a better cooling system relieves the symptom.

My max temp is 65°c, and normal temp 57°c.
Is it too much?

I cannot judge, but if it’s not caused by some specific application and cannot be reproduced consistently, then there’s little we can help.

I noticed that it is Xorg that tilt the system

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