Orin Output video cannot autosized to the size of display window

I have setup my orin through the jetson-inference guide. I want to run the live camera detection demo but found the output video cannot autosized to the size of display window.

The input stream is 2880*1860, but the output window only displays part of the original video(shown above). When I zoom out the window, the display shows even smaller image.
If I want to adjust the video to the window size in real-time, which means no matter how I drag the window, it can display the full image, what should I do?


Do you use C++ or python examples?

To scale the output stream, you can try to modify the output stream status:


Hi,thanks for respond so quickly!
I use the c++ example, can you tell me which line exactly should I modify to change the output stream?


Hi @vanilla.huang, can you camera run at lower resolutions? If so, you could run video-viewer/imagenet/detectnet/ect programs with --input-width=WIDTH and --input-height=HEIGHT command-line options.

Otherwise you could use the cudaResize() function to downscale your camera images to the desired size: https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference/blob/master/docs/aux-image.md#resizing

Thanks a lot! I’ve successfully solve this problem by cudaResize() function.

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