ORIN PVA2.0 support

I have two questions about PVA2.0 for Driver AGX orin

  1. What are new features of pva2.0? any spec. of pav2.0 for ORIN?

  2. In driver os 6.0.1 sdk, there is not nvmedia VPI component. In dirver os 5.2.6 sdk, there is nvmedia VPI component for PVA1.0 of Xavier. Future, What version of driver os sdk will plan to supoort nvmedia VPI for ORIN?



Dear @yuhong.feng,
There are few hardware level feature improvements in PVA 2.0.
The NvMedia VPI is deprecated in DRIVE OS 5.2.6. You may use DW to use PVA engine on orin.