Orin rx ring buffer sizes

On an Orin AGX running l4t 35.3.1, I have a gigevision camera that I’m attempting use with the Orin, and I believe it may rely on RX ring buffer adjustment to achieve full throughput (~15fps) of a high stream (8192x5468).
The vendor provides a setup script for tweaking the network interface settings, but I’ve noticed that one portion of the script (which attempts to set the rx jumbo value using ethtool fails).
I am able to update the mtu on the card to 9000 (actually it reflects 8966, but close enough).

It seems like in the default state, the driver (driver=nvethernet driverversion=5.10.104-tegra) doesn’t allow modification to the ‘rx’ or ‘rx jumbo’ settings via ‘ethtool -G’ command.

Is there any known workaround to adjust the rx and rx jumbo parameters on the Orin?
As-is, ethtool -G eth0 shows:
Pre-set maximums:
RX: 4096
RX Mini: 0
RX Jumbo: 0
TX: 4096
Current hardware settings:
RX: 4096
RX Mini: 0
RX Jumbo: 0
TX: 4096
And attempts to set them result in ‘Cannot set device ring parameters: Invalid argument’

Is there any possible way to update these settings? Or do I need to use a separate PCIe ethernet card?

please try to configure it in device tree and see if it would work on your side.


            nvidia,dma_rx_ring_sz = <4096>;
        nvidia,dma_tx_ring_sz = <4096>;
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Howdy – @WayneWWW
Could you share how to set this values, please?

sudo ethtool -C eth0 tx-usecs 0 rx-usecs 0 tx-frames 1 rx-frames 1

the command returns “coalescing not supported”