Orin Series CSI Camera Data Rate Specification

I wanna check the information Camera Data Rate Specification of Orin Series.

Generally, D-PHY data rate are as follows as I known.
D-PHY v1.0 : 1 Gbps
D-PHY v1.1 : 1.5 Gbps
D-PHY v1.2 : 2.5 Gbps
D-PHY v2.1 : 4.5 Gbps

But, the most documentation is specified of single lane date rate is 2.5Gbps despite of D-PHY version is 2.1.
So, I wanna check the 2.5 Gbps of single lane date rate is correct?
Why it isn’t 4.5 Gbps?

And C-PHY is specified to version 2.0 on most agx orin documentation( design guide, migration, etc) and web site.
But the C-PHY version is 1.2 on the whole of Orin SoC TRM(Technical Reference Module).
Which one is correct?

2.5 Gbps per single lane for D-HPY is correct.
For C-PHY is 2.0 version.


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