Orin USB topology


We using Orin NX/Nano.
For USB topology, I have some questions as below,

  1. For USB2 #0, does this port can support HOST mode?
    In pervious Xavier design, this port is device mode only.

  2. In our case, we plan to use USB 3.0 USB as boot device.
    And this USB3.0 port will through a USB3.0 HUB, diagram as below.
    Does it work for boot from USB3.0 via USB HUB? Just like red mark as below.


And question 3 is,
General USB 3.0 is consist of USB2.0 signal and USBSS signal.
Does it work that USB3.0 deivce only have USBSS signal and this device is boot device.



  1. USB2#0 supports host mode and that even works for Xavier. It is not related to USB2#0 itself. It is related to the hardware design of Xavier carrier board. That design makes it only works in device mode. Not because of USB2#0.

  2. Yes, it should work.

  3. USB3 must have usb2.0 signal. It cannot work alone.

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