Orin won't start when monitor cable is present

I got two Orins, I installed JetPack 5.0.1 DP using the SDK manager, but when I turn on the Orin, the monitor stays dark and won’t go any further. I am at a loss. As a test, I turned on the power with the monitor cable disconnected. After a few seconds, the fan turned strongly for a moment. I waited a little and connected the monitor cable, and the startup screen appeared.
Both of the two Orins are in the same situation. Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem with the monitor cable at startup?

Please check if adding this to the your UEFI binary can resolve issue or not.

How do I add this to the my UEFI binary ?

Err… of course you need to download the source code and rebuild the uefi.

Thank you very much.
Hmmm, I knew I had to build from source.
I have never built a UEFI binary.
Will the 4K issue eventually be resolved if I wait?

Should I refer here?
I will try to challenge.


Build UEFI for NVIDIA Jetson
Flash UEFI to NVIDIA Jetson

Build and flush, both of which were my first implementations.
I have succeeded in conducting them.

And my Orin now boots properly with a 4K monitor connected.
Thanks a lot!

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