Oring NX IPv4 error issue

There is an issue where the SSD is not recognized while using Oring NX.
The error code is IPv4.
I think the cause is HW damage due to NX heat.
Is there an option to adjust the thermal protection threshold?

There is no error code IPv4 related to an SSD. That is a network error. Can you post a full log with the error? It would be best to have a full serial console boot log, but if this shows up in dmesg, then perhaps even that would be useful.

no_found_SSD.log (96.4 KB)

The boot log is attached.
This log is SOM’s log that causes boot failure when rebooting after aging.
Since Dmesg is obtained after boot completion, log acquisition is not possible.

When boot fails to find a partition it falls back to a new boot method. Eventually, and lastly, it tries to PXE boot (a network boot). You have no master node for PXE boot of a slave, and so any network failure is just saying you don’t have network boot as a backup. What you have is just an issue finding a partition in the regular storage. Heat is also unrelated.

Which JetPack or L4T release are you using? It looks like maybe you have customized UEFI, don’t know.

Also, is this Orin NX a developer’s kit without eMMC, or does this NX have eMMC? This might change things, especially if this is an NX module on a third party carrier board (which would mean eMMC module).

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