OrinNano can't compile PCL

Dear Reader,
I failed to compile PCL1.12.1 on OrinNano on ubuntu20.04. I use “make -j4” command,however the board is down when progress to “pcl_io” module. What is the possible issue? How can I compile pcl on this board?
Thank you!


What is the PCL software? I only know Printer Control Language. Do you have a URL to the software source code and instructions?

PCL stands for Point Cloud Library, the github address is: GitHub - PointCloudLibrary/pcl: Point Cloud Library (PCL). Actually, pcl is part of ROS software and is widely used in Robotics.


I have not tried to compile this, but I see it uses cmake and not just make. I see this file content in the project:

This is an interesting general tutorial for using cmake, although you probably don’t need it:

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