OS randomly decides not to allow desktop login


I have had a problem happen twice now with my Nvidia Jetson dev kit, where (seemingly randomly) the OS decides it will not allow any desktop login. I can reboot to the login screen, but as soon as I click the field to input the password, all ‘objects’ on the screen disappear (all but background) and a screen pops up saying “All data created during this guest session will be deleted…” (etc.).

First time this happened, was on the boards stock installation (install from ./install on first bootup). Now this 2nd time, I had flashed latest Jetpack (21 I believe).

The only things I have been trying to do with this board are get ROS-Indigo and Openni so I can do some vision processing.

I am new to this forumn, please let me know what I should provide so you can best understand the problem/system.

I can login through VT (ctl f1) successfully. I do however get this message when I login:
“run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/98-fsck-at-reboot exited with return code 1”

Hardware I have plugged in:

  • USB 3.0: Hub
    • Wireless USB/Mouse Combo
    • WiFi Adapter (USB)
    • Sometimes, the XBOX Kinect for 360
  • SATA: 500GB Samsung SSD

I really want to get this board up and running RELIABLY, so I’d like to start understanding why things don’t seem stable. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Me again: I’d like to say, the first time was a real problem(instead of logging it the machine rebooted once clicking the password field)…but this time is my own fault… no problem at all, guest login was getting clicked.

-embarrasing :0o

Thx, and perhaps this is now ‘fixed’

There have actually been some X11 forced logout cases. Using R21.3 seems to have helped greatly; even as recently as R21.2 there have been some issues. If you find you have the issue again, you might post on the “embedded” forum instead of “L4T”, more people see that (and most everything on embedded is L4T). Hopefully the issue is gone.