I’m designing a custom carrier board for the TX2. We need to use a USB 3.0 micro AB connector on the USB3 interface. The micro USB3.0 connector has a USBOTG ID pin. I’d like to keep the OTG functionality if I can - don’t yet know if Jetson will be the host or the device. On the carrier board reference design, the USB1 and USB3 interfaces are routed to the full-size USB3-A connector, which doesn’t support USBOTG, and hence has no ID pin, nor one available for USB1 interface on the main IO connector. Is there a pin I can connect to for USBOTG ID for USB1 interface? If not, is it possible to use USB0 in conjunction with USB3? I mean, is there a linkage between the functionality of USB1 and USB3 interfaces, or do they essentially function as totally separate interfaces on the same connector?

Hi, there is connection example for this, please check Figure of USB 2.0/3.0 Dual-mode (host/device) Connection Example in OEM DG.

Awesome, thanks! I had an older version of the DG, which didn’t have that example.

For anyone else trying to do this in the future, (or for when, inevitably, I forget where it was), it’s figure 16 on p26 of the JetsonTX2_TX2i_OEM_Product_Design_Guide_20180618.pdf, not in the one from March. It requires just using the USB0 and USBSS interfaces on the USB3.0 micro AB connector.