OSX Catalina nvvp installation issues (from NVIDIA Toolkit)

I am working on a macOS Catalina v10.15.1, Graphics Intel HD Grahics.
I installed nsight 3 months ago and I was fine.

Then I updated to Catalina. Nsight was still working fine.

Then I tried to install NVIDIA Toolkit to have nvvp on my local mac (I need it to dislay a timeline, nsys crash with the application so I get the data using nvprof: all this is done remote on a remote cluster).

The installation seems to go smoothly. On the last window though, none of the buttons work, apart from the “Finished” one.

Thus I click on finish. Then impossible to find the binary. In /usr/local/cuda/ there are a lots of symbolic links to /Developer/NVIDIA/Cuda-10.1/ … but /Developer directory does not exist in my filesystem.

I compared with a colleague, he has this directory in /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/. But I don’t.
My feeling is that the installation of Catalina removed the Developer directory, and NVIDIA installation does not check. Also the sudo rights are not enough on osx to build a directory there.

Any help is welcome,

Hi hbrunie,

The macOS Catalina v10.15.1 is not supported OS for CUDA toolkit 10.1. For more information about system requirement please check -


Is this still true? I’m having a problem with Mac Catalina as well. I’m not sure about previous mac os versions but it seems like there is no /Developer folder AND it’s impossible to create a /Developer folder in the root.