OSX Lion, CUDA, Dual Quadro 4000s

Hello everyone,

Any people running dual quadro’s or single quadro 4000s please post your experience’s and test results in this post.

I would luv to upgrade, but dont want anymore more troubles.

I am currently running only one of my Q4000s as the macpro is unstable with two.


i have 2 installed and am getting kernel panics

Interval Since Last Panic Report: 95863 sec
Panics Since Last Report: 7
Anonymous UUID: 481176D2-7DC9-4BFA-8725-F796E1E612A3

Fri Aug 12 11:31:25 2011
panic(cpu 8 caller 0x9d58dd): NVRM[1/6:0:0]: Read Error 0x0061002c: CFG 0x06dd10de 0x00180000 0x00000000, BAR0 0x9c000000 0xa5f80000 0x0c0e80a3, D0, P0/3
Backtrace (CPU 8), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x94f6bcb8 : 0x21b837 (0x5dd7fc 0x94f6bcec 0x223ce1 0x0)
0x94f6bd08 : 0x9d58dd (0xbec0dc 0xc5d7a0 0xbfb6e8 0x1)
0x94f6bda8 : 0xaf14f0 (0x1846d804 0x19938004 0x61002c 0x1e09ab1)
0x94f6bdf8 : 0x1ce0fe6 (0x19938004 0x61002c 0x6400 0xaeb1fb)
0x94f6be18 : 0xab5338 (0x19938004 0x19a8d804 0x3800 0x1993d818)
0x94f6be38 : 0xb5fa22 (0x19938004 0x19a8d804 0x3 0x0)
0x94f6bea8 : 0x9c60ab (0x19938004 0x0 0x0 0x0)
0x94f6bf48 : 0x97614b (0x19938004 0x17b4d01c 0x94f6bf68 0x1)
0x94f6bf78 : 0x230235 (0x18539800 0x19938004 0x94f6bfc8 0x552f8c)
0x94f6bfc8 : 0x2a179c (0x863ea0 0x0 0x10 0x0)
Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):
dependency: com.apple.NVDAResman(6.3.7)@0x96e000
dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6.5)@0x928000
dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6.5)@0x928000
dependency: com.apple.iokit.IONDRVSupport(2.2)@0x961000
dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily(2.2)@0x93f000

any help from NVIDIA SUPPORT here???


Can u confirm u are using OSX lion?


I was thinking of upgrading today to lion so i can finally use both cards but i guess i shall wait.

Currently im only using one quadro 4000, its relatively stable, but my application can use up to eight GPUs and i would likely to exploit it to the fullest potential.

Please NVIDIA help, u guys are great.


I sent the one Quadro 4000 in for RMA and received a new card back a couple weeks ago. I have been officially running many multi-GPU cuda test with UVA for my thesis and i have 100-percent uptime and zero kernel panics now.

I guess it was a defective card, its funny cause it would work perfectly in single GPU mode but under dual GPU mode it would act funny.

Anyway, just wanted to confirm the perfectly running status of Dual Quadro 4000 on Lion.