OTA custom application inclusion

I am looking to develop a product using image based OTA updates and a custom deepstream application. Our status is that we have a IoTEdge based product right now that we are considering moving into a more integrated application. These systems will sometimes reside in air gapped or heavily secured networks, so the cloud connectivity of IoTEdge is problematic.

What I am exploring is a local update “server” that can deliver images to the edge devices (as well as per device configuration). The question is how do I include my application and initial configurations into the image? Does the update process remove or modify existing files(I assume that it does, but dumb not to ask)? Each site could have many edge devices, so I need a managed way to handle to upgrade process when the system is not in mission critical operation. For the first ?Year? this application will probably rapidly evolve, so frequent application and model updates will be needed. These could either be pushed as direct binaries to the file system or as docker containers if needed.

We are investigating this in parallel with local docker deployments for the IoTEdge style of operation to see which is better for our use cases…

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Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

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